'Heart of Italy' is quickly becoming my favorite storage tomato

Written by Doug Oster on .

These meaty 'Heart of Italy' tomatoes store well and will be the star on tonight's dinner. Photos by Doug Oster

These 'Heart of Italy' tomatoes were picked green in October, and then stored in a bag along with an apple.

The apple produces a gas that forces the tomatoes to ripen.

Picked fresh, these tomatoes are wonderfully meaty with an old fashioned flavor.

The "bagged" tomatoes can't compare with vine ripened, but are still better than anything in the store.

I saved many varieties at the end of the season, but these are probably the best. Very few have rotted and there are more turning too. Discovering a great storing tomato by chance is great. My daughter saw the plant tag at Hahn Nursery and wanted to buy the variety knowing her mother would enjoy an Italian tomato.

I hope to be eating more of them on Thanksgiving.

Tonight's prelude to dinner will be sliced tomatoes with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, dried Italian herbs and good, first pressed extra virgin olive oil. No cheese or basil this time, just "fresh" November tomatoes.

They should be the star of the dish this time of the year; a memory of warm summer days.

Sometimes simple is better. Tomatoes, salt, pepper, dried herbs and olive oil.



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