Plants that like it cold; Flowering kale

Written by Doug Oster on .

Flowering kale are beautiful, carefree and will thrive in cold weather. Photos by Doug Oster

1105_blog_smallAlthough I still haven't had a killing frost in my garden (soon I'm sure), some tender crops are still hanging on. But there are lots of plants thriving in the cool weather.

Flowering kale is one of them and will continue well into the winter. Nurseries and garden centers still have them on sale and they add some color to an otherwise stark landscape.

There are different forms and colors. Some are short and squat others tall and lanky. I grow as many as I can find and have fallen in love with them.

As soon as the tender plants in containers call it quits, I replace them with flowering kale.

Last year, the mild winter allowed many of my flowering kale plants to winter over.

It was so wonderful to have something colorful in the garden during the worst of the season.

Those that do winter over will go to seed and it's fascinating to watch. They will send up seed stalk(s) with pretty yellow flowers which are set off by the purple foliage.

Late fall planting means plenty of rain, no pests and no weeds. I can't think of any gardener who wouldn't enjoy embrace that triumphrat.




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