Fall garden salad

Written by Doug Oster on .

This fall salad is the first of many my family will be enjoying. There's nothing like fresh produce from the garden when it gets cold. Photo by Doug Oster
There has been something growing in my vegetable garden since spring of 2010, even in February.

I'm obsessed with harvesting year round. Fresh produce is wonderful all summer, but so special when things get cold.

It's been so warm, I haven't had to use any of the tricks to keep things thriving.

Tomato plants are out of the garden, but slowly ripening fruit are in a paper bag along with an apple. The apple produces a gas which helps the the tomatoes ripen.

I filmed Digging with Doug this week and found four 'Cherokee Purple' and two beautiful, pink  'Heart of Italy tomatoes ready for the kitchen. I sliced one of each and laid them over a bed of garden greens.

I picked Malabar spinach, which isn't a spinach at all but a tropical vine which taste a lot like the green. I also added lots of baby lettuce. One variety, I can't name. I bought it in Chinatown on a recent visit to San Francisco.

On top went some nasturtium flowers, which are edible. I didn't have the heart to pick the pansies, they look too good in the garden.

A little sea salt, some pepper, good olive oil and some balsamic vinegar made the most wonderful start to dinner for my family.

There are still some plants at garden centers that can go in the ground right now and will thrive with a little protection.

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