'Heart of Italy' tomato, a new favorite

Written by Doug Oster on .

'Heart of Italy' tomato has found a place in our family's heart. Photo by Doug Oster

While visiting Hahn Nursery in July, by daughter stumbled onto a 'Heart of Italy' tomato plant. It already had fruit hanging from the stems. The plant was big and needed to be planted.

She was so excited when she discovered the tomato and begged me to by it for her mother who is Italian. "Mom will love this tomato," she said.

The first tomato ripenedĀ  a few weeks after being planted, then then put on lots of other fruit which are turning now. Once the nights get cold, fall tomatoes don't taste quite as good as summer tomatoes, but this one is amazing.

'Heart of Italy' is meaty and flavorful, a perfect slicing tomato to be enjoyed with good olive oil, basil, fresh bread and some mozzarella cheese.

The fruit in the picture grew between the cage that held it erect, which formed the indentation.

Over the past few seasons, I've fallen in love with pink, heart shaped tomatoes, this one is a winner. Prolific, tasty and beautiful, what else could a gardener ask for.

It will be interesting to see how these store. Usually meaty tomatoes like this one do well and ripen over the winter indoors.

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