'Cool Wave' pansies, it's fun to try something new

Written by Doug Oster on .

'Cool Wave' pansies claim to last through the winter, I hope they do. Photo by Doug Oster
It's always fun to try something new.

Recently I received some 'Cool Wave' pansies and have started to trial them around my landscape.

This is the best time of the season to get any pansies planted. They love cool weather and will bloom well into winter. As tender annuals give up the ghost when the weather turns, I sub out containers with pansies. I'll plant the 'Cool Wave' along with some of my favorites. It's wonderful to have the color in the fall and into winter.

The Wave brand is best known for petunias and they are absolutely incredible. The Wave petunias have changed the way gardeners think of the plant. It's prolific, care free,  and no pinching necessary to keep the flowers coming.

'Cool Wave' is bred to do some of the same things, plus they are touted as being perennial to zone 5. Most of Western Pennsylvania is a zone warmer at 6. They should be grown with at least six hours of sun and fertilized with a good liquid organic fertilizer every two weeks. They will spread 12 inches, I spaced them closer in my containers.

Time will tell and I'm growing out about 20 plants to see if they live up to their claims, I hope so.

Last year many of my pansies lasted all winter. The one thing I do for them is keep the plants watered all the way up until a hard freeze. That keeps them happy and increases the chance of a return show of pretty flowers in the spring.

Type you zip code in at this site to find 'Cool Wave' pansies.

Looking forward to trying 'Cool Wave' pansies in a hanging basket.



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