Another beautiful mistake

Written by Doug Oster on .

The garden is always filled with beautiful mistakes like this one. Photo by Doug Oster

It's not that often gardeners brag about their mistakes, but when they look like this, why not?

The bright green sedum overwintered in the old pair of boots. At the end of the season last year, I put them in my unheated greenhouse for the winter.

I didn't thing the plants made it. In the spring there were just a few sprouts.

So I put them out into the sunniest part of the garden, which is also the furthest away from the house. My wife isn't too keen on the look of this particular container.

She bought me those boots in the 1980's and they were the first really good pair of boots I ever owned. Being the nostalgic fool that I am, there was no way I could throw them away.

After another perennial sedum started crawling up the boots and then bloomed, even the wife commented on how nice they looked together.

I forgot all about planting that sedum in the garden, so another beautiful mistake was born.

This is the type of mistake any gardener would love.


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