Stink bug report

Written by Doug Oster on .

This is one of five juvenile stages of the brown marmorated stink bug on a raspberry. I think I've seen every stage at this point. Photos by Doug Oster

The battle against the stink bug is not going well in my garden. Even though I've got two Rescue Stink Bug Traps set up in the raspberry patch and next to the peppers, I've only caught a couple and I've watched them run all over the plants.

Two different nymph stages of the pest on my hot peppers. I hope they get heartburn.
My friend Andy Amrhein from Evey True Value Hardware reports amazing results for the trap. One customer filled the trap completely up, he caught 100.  I'm going to put some more of the pheromone in and see if I have better luck.

These little bugs seem to love this hot weather as they can really move once spotted.

That's a long way from the lumbering adults in September who are easy targets.

I hope the wrens find them and devour the pests. I would think any bird could make quick work of them, even when they are at their fastest right now.

Anyone else out there had luck with the Rescue Stink Bug Trap?




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