Stink bug trap works!

Written by Doug Oster on .

I installed the Strube Stink Bug Trap last night and this morning it's filled with 10 bugs caught on the sticky surface. Mine is set up in a tiny bathroom ont he second floor where I believe most of the bugs got in the house last fall. It's not used very often and there was a loose screen on the window.

stink_bug_2The trap uses a combination of light and scent to lure the insect to a sticky end. The hanging trap costs $50 and $20 for a replacement scent cartridge (humans can't smell it).

I don't really have the bugs very bad in my house, seeing one maybe once a week. I've read other stories about people who have used the traps to control severe indoor infestations.

If you do decide to order one, be very careful when unpacking. The gooey glue that covers the traps sticks to everything. I've got cardboard on one side of mine and the cord was stuck to it for a while too. The glue is said to be non-toxic and owner Andy Strube uses them in the bedrooms on his three children.

Can't stand stink bugs in the house, this trap is a winner and the only one I know of that is made for indoor use.


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