Winter greens!

Written by Doug Oster on .


Yesterday I picked lettuce, arugula, radish greens, parsley, cilantro, tatsoi and some other greens. My experiment to see how long I can harvest out of the garden is going well so far. Temperatures plummeted into the 20's for a couple nights and I was thinking I'd lose something. The cilantro looked tired in the morning, but perked up by noon.

I've got five beds covered with floating row covers supported by wire hoops.


I bought some six foot 12 gauge wire cheap at the hardware store to make these hoopcovers

Since this picture was taken I've added wire in the back hoop cover, I space them about 12 inches apart now.

The salads created with these fresh greens are filled with flavor. I used these greens combined slices of a fresh pear and some pomegranate seeds; a little shredded cheese added some balsamic vinaigrette and my wife said "it was the best salad ever." Hey, I'll take that!

I think the fact that the plants are in many cases still babies adds to the tender sweet flavor of the greens. The leaf lettuce (black seeded Simpson) was sown thickly harvested as thinnings.

How long will the harvest continue? Only time will tell.


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