Organic control for stinkbugs

Written by Doug Oster on .


I laid down in the "mancave" yesterday for the first time and as I looked up, I saw the answer to indoor stinkbug control. Now it won't work everywhere, but this room is fine to have a spider web or two in the corners.

My wife is arachnophobic to a point, but I tell her she has no control over such matters in the mancave, we'll see how long that lasts.

It's always a little creepy to watch a spider methodically tie up an eventually paralyze its prey. I guess it's fitting though for a guy with a mancave to study such activities like a 12 year-old. But it is fascinating to watch the spider battle such a big lumbering opponent like the stinkbug. Felt sorry for the giant, but nature can be cruel.

I know that chickens will eat stinkbugs and now add spiders to the list. I think it's just a matter of time until birds in the wild figure it out.

Check out Spiderz Rule! for everything you would ever want to know about spiders. I love the quote about what to do to get rid of spiders, "SpidersĀ are an important part of the food chain, getting rid of unwanted insects and being food themselves for birds and other animals, so I don't really advocate removing them."

We all know spiders are good for the garden, this is a good lesson for the house, let the good bugs do the work.


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