Caught in the act

Written by Doug Oster on .


I was wondering why the black oil sunflower seeds didn't seem to last too long in the birdfeeder until this little guy poked his head out of the "squirrel proof" feeder. His cheeks were stuffed with seeds; I assume he'll be storing them in his burrow.
Over the last 20 plus years I've battled all sorts of animals to keep them out of the feeder. My wife is always amused while I continually have to adjust my barriers as certain species circumnavigate my deterrents.


I've come to respect my opponents and gladly feed them in their own "special place," and who couldn't love the stuffed face of this little chippy. He'll hibernate soon and won't be a pest until the spring. I'm often asked what to do about controlling chipmunks and always explain that it's better to live and let live. You'll never be able to get rid of them, so embrace the little fellows.

But I do want the birds to get the bulk of the seed. This feeder closes when a squirrel jumps on the ledge; the animal’s weight closes the feeder. But chipmunks and small red squirrels are so light the feeder won't close. I just moved the feeder back a little from an azalea and now the chipmunk can't make the leap from the shrub to the feeder.

For standalone pole feeders I simply use ductwork from any hardware store. Here are instructions, it's cheap, easy and deters squirrels and raccoons.

Attracting birds to the garden is a good idea. They will feed on cabbage worms and other bugs when they are used to coming around. I've got a feeder up in my vegetable garden and in the summer, the birds do a lot of pest control for me.

I'll be making a video about attracting birds to the garden, so stop back and take a look.

Feed the birds, they are fun to watch and good for the garden.






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