Succulents are beautiful..really

Written by Doug Oster on .


I've fallen under the spell of succulents. Although they look formidable, only the tiny hair like spines of the white cactus pose a threat to fingertips. I think of them as friendly dinosaurs, rough on the outside, but happy to share a garden together. As the light changes throughout the day the plants transform with the angle of the sun.

They're the only plants I've ever been able to keep alive in strawberry pots. I stole a trick off TV to water them and included it in this video. Every winter I bring them inside; with a monthly watering they happily spend winter on a windowsill.

Not everyone enjoys their charm, but every once and a while a visitor will discover their merits. A friend came over a couple weeks ago and fell in love with the containers, pledging to create her own.

That was the perfect chance to show her "Succulent Container Gardens" by Debra Lee Baldwin. We sat on the sun porch pouring through the lavishly illustrated book. Each page revealed another incredible planting; it was a joy to share it with her. It's a special day when like minded gardeners can spend an hour with a book that thrills them.

Since I'm design impaired, the book is a godsend, filled with gorgeous visuals and prose, Baldwin makes it easy to create masterpieces in the garden.

When my friend asked to borrow the book, I politely declined. This one is a keeper and we all know what happens to good books once they are loaned out.

She has a birthday coming up though, and I know the perfect gift.




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