Great Tomato Tasting at Yarnick's Farm

Written by Doug Oster on .

It's been a fantasy of mine to get gardeners to taste as many different varieties of tomatoes as possible. Dan Yarnick of Yarnick's Farm near Indiana, Pa took the challenge and grew nearly 100 different types of tomato. They weren't all ripe yet for the big event on 8/15/10, but there were almost 70 different tomatoes.

Hundreds of people came from all over Western Pennsylvania to taste these wonderful tomatoes. As you can see in the video, there really wasn't a clear winner.

It looks like this was such a success; we're going to do it again next year. Hope you can join us.

Here's a list of what we grew, each one offers something different and special-

Rocky Top, Finishline, Biltmore, Scarlet Red, Fabulous, RFT 6153, BHN 589, BHN 961, Chocolate Cherry, Jazzy, Black Velvet, Follia, Red Zebra, Conestoga, Grandma's Garden, Grandma's Pick, Gremlin, Sophya, Garden Peach, Green Zebra, Brandywine Pink, Brandywine Red, Brandy Boy, Mister Stripey, Pineapple, Big Rainbow, Grande Rio Verde, Persimmon, BHN 871, BHN 876, Mt. Magic, Supersteak, Pink Girl, Roma VE, Early Girl, Rutgers, Super Bush, Tomatillo, Orange Wellington, Tye Dye, Red Candy, BHN 877, Sweet Treats, Black Pear, Yellow Pear, Sun Sugar, Fourth of July, Plum Regal, Yellow Chester, Razzeleberry, Marglobe, Beefsteak, Celebrity, Oxheart, Jubilee, Better Bush, Italian, Carolina Gold, BHN 268, Polbig, Tomatoeberry, Sweet Seedless, Sweet Olive, Mountain Fresh, Porterhouse, Black Truffle, Aligote, Navidad, Sebring, Picus, Plum, Italiply, Sonoma, Floriday 47, Primo red, HMX7838, Early Top, Sungold, Mountain Glory, Jolly Elf, BHN 641, Tomato Orange, Yellow Cherry, Bush Early Girl, Snacker's Delight, Burpee's Big Boy and Super Sweet 100.

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