The little things in the garden

Written by Doug Oster on .


One of the most important thing to do in the garden is sit and watch. Seems I do more sitting these days than I used to, but I guess that's the evolution of a gardener. The black winged damselfly is a good friend in the garden this time of the year. The males flit around the same area looking for a suitable mating spot.

Their luminescent bluish bodies are quite an incredible sight as they casually fly from one leaf to another without regard to us gardeners.

They will sit in the sun and wait for another flying insects both good and bad, but are part of the balance of nature achieved when not using chemicals in the garden.

Spiders creep out my wife, but I don't mind them at all, especially in the garden. I love to watch them work, and they many have beautiful colors.


I've looked though lots of spider pictures and can't figure out what it is, if you know, please post it in the comments section.

But down below is one of the most common spiders, the daddy long legs looking for a drink on some bamboo.


Take some time and just sit in the garden, get close to the plants and watch as nature unfolds. There's a whole other world right under our noses, take time to observe and enjoy it.


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