Eating radish seed pods

Written by Doug Oster on .


Sometimes radishes won't form a good root to eat. But if you wait the plant out, you'll be able to enjoy something that only gardeners get to try.


When a radish doesn't form a nice tender root, it will eventually go to seed and then form seed pods that taste a lot like the root. They're best when picked small, while they are still tender.

The photo above comes from a radish that wintered over in the garden, but didn't form a good root. I love to share something strange like this with visitors to the garden. You do get visitors, don't you? That's one of the reasons to have a garden. It's especially fun to watch kids pop one in their mouth.

If you don't get them while they're small, let them mature and dry out and harvest the seed for next year's garden.

In an upcoming post, I'll explain my recent seed experiment, sowing them OUTSIDE in mid-winter.

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