Calla lilies

Written by Doug Oster on .


I love calla lilies and they are easy to care for, but are tender so they need to grow inside in the winter or the bulbs need to be stored. Click the "Read More" button to find out how to care for these plants.

 Calla lilies can be grown outside all summer but need to come in in the winter or they will die. I like to grow them as houseplants, so I keep them in pots. They will limp along all winter but will be happy to get back outside in the spring.

Another way to care for them is to store the bulbs in the same way you would save dahlias, caladiums and cannas.

The plants will need to be fertilized all summer so that the bulb will have enough energy to bloom next year. When the end of the season approaches let the plants dry out letting the foliage turn brown. Dig up the bulb but don't wash it off. Let it dry on newspapers for a day then store it in a box of vermiculite in a cool, dry place that won't freeze.

Next spring pot up the bulbs and put them outside in mid-May. 

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