Still blooming

Written by Doug Oster on .

Frost and cold nights won't stop certain plants and in the first week of November there are still flowers blooming in the garden. Pansies are the most prolific now and even at this late date, I'm going to buy some more just to grow in an unheated greenhouse. I can't resist when garden centers mark this stuff down and I have a place to plant them. I might even plant them in pots near the front door and hope for the best. Looking at the long range forcast, I could get another month out of them, who knows.

I've got a perennial bed that I completely renovated this year, and there's a focal point that a garden designer recommended, I put a big pot on top of it and I want something growing in it. I'm going to put some flowering kale in there, just to have some color. That could last well into December or beyond.

This is also a time to look at other plants and see how they change as the season ends. I love the colors of hostas as they die back. The energy that was in the large leaves is sent down to the roots, a cycle that has continued for centuries.

It's too soon to stop, the seed catalog will be here before you know it, that's when everything is over and we can dream of next year's garden. For now, I'm still raking leaves and enjoying a few flowers.

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