The garden focal point

Written by Doug Oster on .

When I did three videos of a perennial bed renovation, garden designer Michele McCann of Collective Efforts put a "focal point" in the garden. I got to choose what the focal point was, and I had my eye on the pedastal. There's a crack in the back, so I got it cheap, and I had the pot in the vegetable garden, I think the two go together pretty well.

I just set it up, and had to have some color in there. I bought the pedastal at Hahn Nursery in the North Hills, and I saw that they were almost giving away pansies and flowering kale at the end of the season so I bought some. I'm not sure how long they will last, but it will be great to see the color as winter arrives. I planted some of the same stuff close to the house that I'll put into an unheated greenhouse when it gets really cold. Often times, pansies will last all winter if watered before a heavy freeze arrives and the kale can last as long depending on how harsh the winter is.

This was one time that being cheap cost me money, I can't resist a bargain and enjoying the colors is worth a few bucks.



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