Compost all those leaves

Written by Doug Oster on .


There's a great use for all the leaves that have fallen. Make them into compost. It's easy and a great way to recycle.

The quickest way to get the compost is to mix the leaves with something green like kitchen scraps 50/50 in a bin like the one above. My system uses three bins made of pallets. The first is filled with material over a period of time. When it's filled, we start filling the second bin and so on. By the time number two is filled, number one is usually ready to harvest. Anything that once was living will eventually become compost. The only thing from the kitchen we don't throw in are meats, dairy and oils. All three attract rodents.

Compost piles don't smell, they don't have to be ugly and they provide the best fertilizer for plants.

Here's an article I wrote that explains all the details of composting.

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