A tomato for hiking

Written by Doug Oster on .


Sometimes novelty is a reason to embrace something in the garden. This tomato is called 'Reisetomate'from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and I doubt you'll be seeing this on in the market anytime soon. According to the catalog the tomato is like a big bunch of cherry tomatoes all fused together. This variety is also called the traveler tomato due to the ability to rear it apart a piece at a time without having to use a knife.'Reisetomate' can be traced to Central America where natives would carry the tomato on long trips and eat as they walk.

But what does it taste like, here's what the catalog has to say; "well, rather sour, strong and acid. The perfect tomato for those who love raw lemons, but who cares? They are still far-out and groovy." A check with the web site Dave's Garden has three mostly positive reviews, here's one "An oddity of nature, with cherry tomatoes that are partially fused together into one single fruit. You can easily separate the individual parts and get clove looking cherry tomatoes. Not an astounding flavor, but definitely a curiosity that will bring wonder and fun to the garden."

Well, I'm all about wonder and fun in the garden, might have to give it a try, might be a good excuse to go on some hikes at the end of the season to use the tomato as inteneded.

I saw the tomato in Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds' Catalog Sampler which I received last week. It used to be the norm to start getting seed and plant catalogs after Christmas, now they start coming in November, but this isn't the catalog, it's beautifully photographed thin booklet featuring some of the new releases.

I don't know about you, but there's excitement when the catologs start pouring in. One of the best parts of gardening is the planning over the winter, I'm putting 'Reisetomate' on the list for the spring.


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