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Written by Doug Oster on .

So today is Cyber Monday. If you're a gardener, I'm sure there are lots of things out there that are interesting and cheap online, but just about everybody locally is selling their bulbs at half price or better. The problem is you'll actually have to get in your car and go to your favorite nursery or garden center. Then after purchasing the bulbs you'll have to step out into the garden and get the bulbs planted.

Over the weekend I planted a few hundred bulbs using my favorite tool, a bulb auger. It's a giant drill bit that lets the drill do the hard work of planting. It's not really a great Christmas gift because it won't be used until next fall, but this thing makes planting bulbs fun. If you end up buying hundreds of bulbs on sale, get a bulb auger, it will make the job a breeze.

I go down to my local nursery once or twice a week this time of the year, buying as many bulbs as I think I can plant. I've made the mistake of buying too many and being stuck with bags of tulips after the ground freezes solid.

It's been an wonderful long warm season and we've got at least two more weeks to plant bulbs.

One of the most important things to do when planting them is to write down where they are. That's when we get to the best Christmas gift for gardeners, a garden journal. I've written one, but there are many great ones out there. Here's my Cyber Monday special, it's actually good year round. Here's a link for a free garden journal to download. A garden journal becomes a sort of diary and is something that can be passed down for generations. I staple photos of the garden in there, write down grand plans and chronicle how I'm feeling on some days.

So why all the fuss about planting bulbs this time of the year? Because no matter how short winter is, it's always too long. When spring arrives, the beauty of these blooms are the most welcome site. I can't wait, and looking at these photos from my garden will make the season pass a little quicker.




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