Gardening without a garden, the Earth Box

Written by Doug Oster on .

This is the time of the year people are looking for great gifts for gardeners. If you know someone who loves to garden but doesn't have a garden anymore The Earth Box is the best container growing system I've ever seen(check out photo of the month on their site to see how things grow in the boxes). Tomatoes are probably the most popular crops, but the Earth Box will grow just about anything. It comes with everything you need to grow plants, and, best of all, everything supplied is organic.

I've had lots of friends use it with great results and I've had a chance to inspect the boxes closely. One thing I love is the water reservoir. Just keep it filled with three gallons of water and the plants will take what they need; there's no chance in overwatering. Ironically, most container plants are killed with kindness, i.e., too much water and fertilizer. The combination of water reservior and mulch cover also allows the gardener to go a day or two without watering, a godsend in July when regular containers need to be watered daily, or even more often, depending on the size.

The boxes are 29 inches long, 13.5 inches wide and 11 inches high. I think they are best for outdoor growing, but they can be used for inside planting with proper artificial lighting.

Here's a list of local retailers that carry the Earth Box. They vary in price, so shop smart.

If you're the type of gardener who loves to build your own stuff, here are plans to make your own self watering container.

Even though I'm able to grow lots of tomatoes in the ground, I'm always trying to fit more plants in the garden and the Earth Box is a great way to increase production.

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