Ivy will keep you sane

Written by Doug Oster on .


The end of February is hard on everyone, but I think gardeners are infected with a more virulent strain of cabin fever. You'll know its hit hard when they stare out the living room window at the snow mumbling something unintelligible about seeds or flowers.

One cure comes from a plant we often curse outdoors, but invite into our home like an old friend. Spending an hour making an ivy topiary is a distraction well worth the $10 investment for a pot, form and plant.

It's a simple job. Just fill a pot with moist planting mix then insert some type of form, the one at the left is just circle, but there are all kinds. Choose a plant with long vines and wrap the vines onto the form. Eventually the plant will obscure the form and look beautiful.

By that time you'll have to remember to water it once a week, as you're running back and forth in the garden planting, weeding and soaking up the sun.

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