Daffs in a can

Written by Doug Oster on .

Surprises are wonderful in the garden. When my daughter made this last night, I was blown away. She's grown, living at home (with her two grown brothers) and went picking daffodils in the woods. I never would have thought to use that old watering can as a vase, but it works for me sitting on the front porch.

It's a good lesson to invite others to see the garden and introduce new ideas.

Daffodil season is special for me. My grandparents are buried at Lake View Cemetery near Cleveland. Their famous Daffodil Hill is there, something I'll never forget from my youth.

Now I've built my own daffodil hill, planting thousands of bulbs over the years.

I have to say though, the mass of daffs cascading down the hill can't compare to the few brought to the back door last night.

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