Getting close

Written by Doug Oster on .


Barberry is a rather non-descript, thorny, invasive shrub that doesn't find much love in garden circles. The leaves can be green, purple even chartreuse. The plant is indestructible and often grown as a living fence as the needle like thorns can form an impenetrable barrier.

There was a lot to see in the garden this morning, dogwoods blooming in shades of white and pink, double daffodils finishing their show and an explosion in green throughout the forest.

But at the corner of the driveway was the humble barberry pumping out hundreds of tiny insignificant flowers.

Upon close inspection the diminutive blooms are beautiful, but lost among spring garden favorites.

It reminded me to stop and really look at what's growing in the garden. Enjoy what's blooming; it will be a year until the flowers return.  And pay attention even to the more humble plants in the garden, there’s beauty in there somewhere.

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