Ornamental edibles

Written by Doug Oster on .

ornamentalJust because a plant is tasty, doesn't mean it can't be pretty too. I usually plant this square pot with pansies, but I had some extra 'Red Sails' lettuce plants and thought they would look great in the container.

The lettuce will last until June after being harvested three times. I'll put a shade lover in there next, probably double impatiens.

Leafy greens can be incorporated into flower beds along with other plants that are edible.

Purple basil, colorful peppers and Swiss chard are just some of the plants usually relegated to the vegetable garden.

There's even a basil called 'Cardinal,' specifically bred for its bright red flowers.

Scarlet runner beans have pretty pink and white flowers on eight foot vines that eventually produce beans when the weather cools down.

When you're out looking for seeds and plants for the vegetable garden, think of where some of the plants might work in consort with flowers.


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