Trees for Ophelia!

Written by Lizabeth Gray on .

arboraidposterwebsite1The other day I opened a letter from the folks at TreeVitalize Pittsburgh with the wonderful news that my street is getting trees! This is great news for someone who lives near if not right on top of one of Pittsburgh's major thruways, the Boulevard of the Allies. What a difference they will make in a couple of years as they grow and block out that traffic, shade my house and gulp up the storm water that usually runs down the street to the city storm drain.

TreeVitalize Pittsburgh is a partnership between Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, and Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest. This is a great group and is really making a difference in our city and our environment by planting and maintaining trees throughout the city.

Another group working in our region is the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association. Today they were in Wilkinsburg planting a variety of trees and PG videographer Nate Guidry was out there to capture the hard working volunteers as they "greened-up" the neighborhood.

While we're on the subject of trees let's not forget this Friday's Arbor Aid which showcases artwork both decorative and functional created from salvaged wood. Besides, how often do you get to go to a party in a storage facility? Click for more information and to purchase a ticket.


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