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Written by Lizabeth Gray on .

20090805dsskyline_500Over the years I have lived in big cities, small villages and the suburbs. At one time I lived in the West End of London which was the theatre district.  It was fantastic living in the middle of one of the world's greatest cities, museums, theatre, shopping and great restaurants. Then, for some reason which seems fairly vague now, I bought a car. Well, after three weeks of trying to figure out where to park the car and having to move it every other night, I took the car back realizing it was more of a hassle than anything.

At the time I wasn't thinking green I was thinking parking. Know what? Sometimes going back can be going forward. I've moved back to the city and even though I have a car it's not seeing that much in the way of mileage. I can walk to the park, the bank, the library and more. Still, there are some things missing from our city and tonight you can voice your opinion on that.

At 5:30 tonight there's a gathering at 945 Liberty Ave, next to the Toonseum, where you can voice your ideas and opinion on what needs to be done and the direction we should be going in to see Pittsburgh become an even better community.

Part of the gallery crawl, students from the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture 5th year URBAN LAB STUDIO are hosting tonight's event and refreshments will be provided. Community presentations will be held on October 13 and December 1, 2010.

It's your city, have a voice in what's to come.

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