Stylish Composting 101

Written by Lizabeth Gray on .

compostflexbinUnder the heading of "Simple but great ideas" comes this one from Fuccillo design.  Like many of you who want to compast but don't have either the room in your backyard or starage space in your kitchen, these guys have come up with a clean and rather stylish solution, the Freezer Compost Bin.

Its compact shape fits well with any freezer and looks rather chic upon your countertop unless you prefer the drop-to-freezer method as illustrated in their YouTube video. Plus being in the freezer your scraps won't decompose before their time and you can choose from four colors: black, green, blue and red.

This means no flies, no stink and easy cleanup once you go and pop out it's content into either your compost bin in the backyard or take it to your local community garden. Made from silicon yu can purchase online at for $58.50. One of those nifty things you can get your eco friend for the holidays.

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