Bottle deposits and beer

Written by Lizabeth Gray on .

masthead_16And now to really show my age … I remember when you could gather pop bottles and take them back to Krogers for the nickel deposit to get pocket money. Of course when I travel up to Boston I get that old feeling back as bottles there have cash deposit on them.

According to Massachusetts state law, "Glass, plastic, metal, aluminum and bi-metal containers holding beer and other malt beverages, carbonated soft drinks and mineral waters are subject to the law. Legally, all must carry a deposit label before they are sold."

And it seems that people do return them as there are numerous redemption centers throughout the state.

Unfortunately that isn't the case in Pennsylvania. And while most communities have container recycling it may not be strictly enforced.

Now Straub Beer out of St. Mary's, Pa., one of the few breweries in the country that still packages their brew in returnable bottles, is thinking about calling it quits with the returnable bottles. And the reason behind this is, drum roll please … no one is returning them,

Can't say I blame them but seems a shame that a good green effort may go to waste. Maybe it's time to revisit bottle deposits?

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