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bikefestBike PGH is holding their annual BikeFest starting with a kickoff fundraiser party on Friday, August 6 at the Pittsburgh Opera in the Strip District. BikeFest itself runs 10 days with a variety of activities for the cyclist in us all.  Check out their website for the complete calendar of events.

Tuesday Team Decaf  will be taking off from Enrico's Tazza D'Oro Cafe and Espresso Bar on North Highland Ave. at 6 p.m. Check the calendar for more details on this ride and others to come.

Not feeling like a bike ride tonight? How about looking into the thrilling world of painting, walls that is.


When you're getting your shopping list together, measure the room you want to paint including the ceiling height. Then take your measurements to the store with you and only buy what you need for your room. Remember, one gallon will roughly cover 400-450 square feet in one coat.

Of course, once you're at the store you have to choose not only the paint color and finish, you need to choose the type of paint be it acrylic, latex or oil-based. Al of these paint work fine depending on the project but if you're looking for a greener alternative why not try a low VOC paint?  And what is that you ask?

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints release less toxic emissions into the air while other paints including latex-based will continue to release those toxins for years after paint has dried.

Or you could look for a paint that is created from old paint. Amazon Paint, available at Construction Junction, is made from old paint and you would never know it. True, the color selection is limited but the cost is excellent at around $13 per gallon.

While most of the paint the receive is reprocessed into new paint, sometimes the quality of the old paint is not sufficient. Instead of throwing away, Amazon processes the leftover paint into a raw material which is used in the manufacture of cement.

Another alternative is natural paint. More on that tomorrow and alternative ideas for leftover paint.

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