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So, Paul McCartney is coming to Pittsburgh tonight; understandably, his arrival is seen as a really big deal across the city. One fan even turned her McCartney autograph into a real-life tatoo.


Yesterday (no pun intended), I worked on a McCartney tribute video entitled "...through the years" for It was a really nice project in that it allowed me to reflect upon a time that I've always thought about but never directly experienced.

Although I wasn't born until the late 80's, I have distinct memories of listening to the Beatles ad nauseum as a child. Specifically, I remember a cherished Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band cassette tape that as a six year old I played over and over again until it broke.

But enough about me. Today is about Beatles Mania as McCartney comes to Pittsburgh to perform some old favorites, tracks from his Wings days, and of course, his solo work. He'll be at Mellon Arena tonight and tomorrow, playing two sold out shows, and it's sure to be an amazing time for anyone in attendance.

The rest of us will have to live vicariously. And what better way to reminisce on the Beatles than, my personal favorite, fan photos from their infamous 1965 concert at Shea Stadium?


The fashion, the faces, the memories... it's pretty extraordinary. All photos courtesy of


It's especially cool to see how much of the fashion of the time has come back in the past few seasons. This girl pictured above could be walking down fifth avenue today and, aside from the tears and swooning, she'd fit right in!


These photos are also a nice look back on the old Shea Stadium, which has since been replaced by Citi Field. It's a good reminder of how stadiums can be more than just venues for sports games— in fact, they're often the epicenters of history in the making.



I saved my favorite one for the end. I wonder who her favorite Beatle was? :)

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