cutest. assignment. ever.

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Cutest assignment ever?? Or, cutest assignment possible...

Last week Andrew Rush and I went to Living Treasures Animal Park in New Castle to do a Creature Feature on their newborn Barbary Lion Cubs. (Please be sure to check out the video, as the cubs are just ridiculous).

Andrew took the lead on video, but I thought that for our Summerburgh readers I would take some behind the scenes shots of the filming process. Filming animals turns out to be a tricky business, as unlike humans, they don't exactly do what they're told. These cubs in particular made this sort of baby roaring noise the entire time, which was adorable- albeit, a little distracting for the interview process.

Sadly, we did not get to play with the cubs ourselves (PA law states that you have to have certification to handle these kinds of animals, or else parks and zoos can get fined), but just to be in such close proximity with them really made both of our days.






These photos really do speak for themselves... hope you liked them!

Reminder that the video can be seen here, at

- Beth

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