Summerburgh 2010


Hello, Pittsburgh.

We are your Post-Gazette interns for the summer. There are 17 of us so far. Nine guys, eight gals, making up one big, happy family of young journalists.

Some are Pittsburgh natives, the rest, a bunch of friendly strangers aimlessly roaming the city for a few months.

These are the people you'll patiently wait for on buses as they ask for directions, the motorists you'll crawl behind on bridges with no idea where they're going, and the drivers you'll curse when walking to your car, wondering who in the world taught that person how to parallel park.

We met awkwardly through an e-mail in the spring, less awkwardly in person a month ago, and not at all awkwardly one night in Squirrel Hill. That night, coincidentally or not, included beer.

This blog is for the stories, observations, and random tales that impact our young adult lives, and these are the people that will tell them:


(Photo by Grace Patuwo)

Bill Brink — Notre Dame


Hi, I'm Bill Brink and I'll be working in the sports section this summer. I recently graduated from Notre Dame with degrees in History and Journalism, and I was the managing editor and sports writer for the Notre Dame student newspaper. I enjoy skiing, golfing, movies, reading, writing and sports and can't wait to enjoy the city this summer.

Something else you should know about Bill: He's a Yankees fan.




(Photo by Grace Patuwo)

Lindsay Carroll — Pitt


I'm Lindsay Carroll. I just graduated from Pitt in May with a degree in English writing and political science. Even though I've been in Pittsburgh for three years, I'm excited to spend the summer here and get to know more parts of the city.

Something else you should know about Lindsay: She loves cooking, but hates following recipes.





Photo by Grace PatuwoSonya Chun — Duquesne

As a Pittsburgh native and local college student, I have grown to love the city, especially the food. Girasole, Tram's Kitchen and Coco's Cupcakes are some of my favorite places to eat. This summer, I'm embarking on new adventures, including working as an intern at the Post-Gazette. Unsure of how to incorporate my love of writing into a career, I look forward to exploring journalism and to grow as a writer during my internship here. In the fall, I will continue my third year at Duquesne University as an English writing major and journalism and psychology minor.

Something else you should know about Sonya: She collects salt and pepper shakers.




(Photo by Grace Patuwo)

Isaac Elster — Wayne State


I've lived in Detroit - where I go to school at Wayne State University - for most of my 20 years until this summer. I've held internships at the Metro Times, The Oakland Press, Grosse Pointe Today and WDET 101.9FM. In my downtime, I watch movies, listen to music, surf the Internet for TV shows, play video games and read a book or two. I'm working here this summer through the Dow Jones News Fund.

Something else you should know about Isaac: He likes to watch every episode of every Star Trek series in order.



(Photo by Grace Patuwo)

Katie Falloon — Yale

Katie is a junior at Yale and works at the Yale Daily News as the beat reporter on the Science and Technology desk. She also serves as opinions editor of the Yale Journal of Public Health. She's from Pittsburgh and has two dogs.

Something else you should know about Katie: She's left-handed.






(Photo by Grace Patuwo)

Anthony Fenech — Central Michigan


Anthony isn't sure what year he's going into at school, but knows he's not crazy about it. He likes reading, writing and sports. More specifically, he likes baseball. A lot. This summer, he will be working on the city desk and is pretty excited about that. He's lived in Las Vegas for nine months and lived to tell about it, but admits that's probably not as impressive as living outside of Detroit for 21 years and living to tell about that.

Something else you should know about Anthony: He doesn't like the Penguins and he doesn't like Sidney Crosby.



(Photo by Grace Patuwo)Dante Fuoco — Swarthmore College

My name's Dante and I'm working for the city desk and features this summer. As a native of the suburbs outside of Pittsburgh, I'm looking forward to getting into the city and interacting with people I otherwise wouldn't get a chance to. I am a varsity member of my college swim team, and I just recently received all-conference recognition..

Something else you should know about Dante: He sits in the Top 10 all-time for best times in the 400-meter individual medley at Swarthmore.




Photo by Grace PatuwoEmily Fuggetta — Florida


I'm Emily, and I'm here for the rest of the summer after an internship at the Orlando Sentinel. This fall, I'll be a senior at the University of Florida, where I spend most of my time editing at the Independent Florida Alligator. I spent two years at CAPA, and I'm having a great time being back in the city.

Something you should know about Emily: She has a crippling fear of insects, so if you see her running wildly down a hall or screaming and batting at her head, she's probably seen a bug.




(Photo by Grace Patuwo)Nate Matrunick — Kent State


My name is Nathan Matrunick, but you can just call me Nate. I'm the lone graphic design intern here at the PG.  I'm from Latrobe, PA, which is about 45 minutes east of "Da Burgh." Mister Roger's is from my hometown and it is also Rolling Rock's birthplace. I really do enjoy writing music. If you would like to check out some of my graphic design/artwork and where it stands now, check out my site

Something else you should know about Nate: He's 6' 3/8" and is currently contemplating a mustache.


(Photo by Grace Patuwo)Chris Merriman — Yale


Chris is a rising senior at Yale. He lived in France for a good portion of his life, where he realized a love for soccer and today, thanks to a slightly obsessive need to read all of his Google Reader alerts, has a wealth of potential useless soccer info to force upon potentially invested people.

Something else you should know about Chris: He hates talking on the phone.




Photo by Grace PatuwoJon Offredo — West Virginia


I just graduated from WVU and plan on going to Newcastle University in the U.K. for postgraduate studies in International Multimedia Journalism. I have a pretty unhealthy obsession with soccer and am trying to get back into the habit of biking.

Something else you should know about Jon: He really hates these bio lines.






(Photo by Rebecca Droke)Grace Patuwo — Yale


Hi! I'm a photo intern for PG this summer. As a rising sophomore, I am a staff reporter and photographer for the Yale Daily News and play horn in an experimental music group SIC InC. I love discovering new music and architectural surprise.

Something else you might like to know about Grace: Her dream assignment for this summer is to shoot the Steelers or the Penguins or the Pirates in action.





Photo by Grace PatuwoBeth Ponsot — Colby


Elisabeth Ponsot (you can call her Beth!) just graduated from Colby College where she majored in Government and was Editor-in-Chief of The Colby Echo. She is working in the Multimedia Department at the Post-Gazette this summer, where she will be doing video reporting and production. Beth is originally from Queens, NY and is excited to spend her summer living with friends in Oakland.

Something else you should know about Beth: She speaks French fluently, but she really wants to learn Mandarin Chinese.



(Photo by Grace Patuwo)Meredith Skrzypczak — Michigan State


Meredith Skrzypczak is a recent graduate from the best college in the country, Michigan State University. She loves politics and reporting, so she got degrees in both. As someone who is new to the city, I will write honestly about my experiences (good and bad) for the blog. Some of my passions include health and fitness, New York Magazine's Daily Intel and Top 20 music.

Something else you should know about Meredith: Her last name doesn't sound as scary as it looks and it's pronounced "skrip-chock."



(Photo by Grace Patuwo)Malik Smith — Hampton


Sports has been my main passion for as long as I could remember and being a journalist was always something I've wanted to do even before I realized it myself. I'm excited for this opportunity to showcase my talents and abilities and hopefully through this experience I can become a better writer.

Something else you should know about Malik: He doesn't think Kobe compares to Jordan, and hopes the Celtics beat the Lakers.




Photo by Grace PatuwoDana Vogel — Penn

Hi! I'm an intern on the education desk this summer. I'll be covering everything from private schools to continuing adult education. Although I'm a native Pittsburgher and graduate of Hampton High School in Allison Park, I attend college in Philadelphia. In the fall, I'll be a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, where I'm a news editor at The Daily Pennsylvanian. And even though I'm from Pittsburgh, expect to see me just as lost as the non-native interns.

Something else you should know about Dana: She was the only girl to accept a flip-cup challenge from the guys, and she beat all of them.


(Photo by Grace Patuwo)Tommy Wright — San Jose State


I just graduated from San Jose State University, and I had planned on watching the San Jose Sharks battle the Penguins for the Stanley Cup when I arrived. Oh well. I had spent my entire life living in San Jose, Calif., until I was summoned by the Dow Jones News Fund to be a sports copy editor 2,500 miles away. Please don’t blame me, as a Giants fan, for the Pirates extending their streak of losing seasons to 18.

Something else you should know about Tommy: As a copy intern, he works a really late shift at PG...from 4:30 pm to midnight. 

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