Comic-Con report: 'District 9,' 'The Hobbit'

Written by Sharon Eberson on .

SAN DIEGO --  "Geek god" Peter Jackson came to show clips of "District 9," which he produced. But before he did, he said he wanted to clear up what's happening with "The Hobbit.". He said they're a few weeks away from delivering a script to the studios, and that because of its epic scope, it would be two movies. Big upset. No casting yet.

He spoke with some bitterness of the studio politics that caused the production of "Halo" to fall apart, but said "District 9" rose from its ashes. It's shot documentary-style, with a feeling a bit like "Cloverfield," but the insect-like aliens are integrated amazingly well and the action is intense.

Off to talk to Tyrese Gibson of "Transformers" and the upcoming "Legion" ...

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