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By Josh Axelrod / Thursday, July 23 

SAN DIEGO -- Between Johnny Depp's surprise two word entrance ("Tim Burton!"), mind blowing footage from Alice in Wonderland and Avatar, and Jackie Earl Haley being a mensch for randomly posing with me, I'd call the first full day of Comic-Con a pretty successful experience.

Of course, I've been told my highlights have to come from the video game world.  Not that there's anything wrong with that; I got an exclusive tour of the Warner Bros. booth and got some time with the latest iteration of a certain franchise starring a lombax.

My first concern came with LEGO Rock Band.  How could this be anything but Rock Band except cuter?  Basically, it is.  It seems to be more family friendly with a very diverse song list, and I love the pixilated brick design of the guitars and drums.  By the way, if I'm ever allowed to play drums again, I'd advise to not watch.

Next up was the Watchmen game, subtitled the End is Nigh, Parts 1 and 2.  I won't sugarcoat it: any real Watchmen fan will be disappointed here.  The graphics aren't particularly next gen, Rorschach and Nite Owl have like ten movies between them, and the story seems to just be an excuse to kill as many people as possible in violent ways.  Actually, if that's your thing, and you don't know much about Watchmen, maybe you could check it out.

One of the weirdest yet most intriguing demoes was Scribblenauts.  This DS game lets you literally summon just about anything imaginable, from a dragon to a pencil, using technology that brings us one step closer to a Skynet judgement day.  The possibilities for this game are limitless, and I for one and definitely interested.

This one may be a non Warner Bros. property, but I also got time with Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, and, to be blunt, it rocked.  The new burp cannon, rocket launcher-esque negotitator, what are essentially ice grenades, and hover boots that can be activated at will add to the already deep Ratchet & Clank experience.  The slightly more realistic (but still true to its predecessors') graphics and slightly more open gameplay only add to the mayhem and fun.

Finally, and most importantly, Batman: Arkhum Asylum easily wins my Best Warner Bros. Demo award.  You truly feel like you're playing as Batman in all of his dark, brooding girl.  You fight, throw baterangs, grapple, play detective, and sneak around Arkhum in an attempt to stop the Joker and his chronies from hurting innocents and causing chaos.  Great graphics, voice acting, and gameplay easily allowed this one to steal Day One.   


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