TV on the Radio: Album of the Year contender

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TVOTRWe're only a few months away from those Top 10 album lists and it looks like TV on the Radio will be a serious contender for the top once again.

The Brooklyn band's 2006 album, "Return to Cookie Mountain," scaled new sonic heights and now the band - fronted by former Pittsburghers Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone - has returned with "Dear Science," an album that's every bit as compelling and, yet, easier to digest.

At the moment, it has one of the year's highest scores on with a 90.

-- The Los Angeles Times calls it "a vivid, angry, sensual soundtrack to the haunted life."

-- Pitchfork says, "This is s--t-hot thrilling music. But it's also brainy and ambivalent, and more engaging for it."

-- Entertainment Weekly writes "TV on the Radio may still - and always - make capital-A art, but they've found something universal, even joyful, in the noise."

The bad news is that, after selling out that s--t-hot Mr. Small's show in August of 2007, TVOTR are blowing us off on the current tour, which is getting as close Philadelphia (10/10), New York (10-14/15) and Cincinnati (10/18).

One local promoter was holding a date in October, but the band couldn't work it out logistically. Hopefully, there will be another leg early next year.

Adebimpe, who will star with Anne Hathaway in the indie drama "Rachel Getting Married" next month, recently had this exchange with the Wall Street Journal on the subject of his lyrics.

WSJ: The lyrics on your new album are poetic to the point of being hard to decipher. Do they mean things to you in code?

Adebimpe: All of them have their roots in real thoughts and feelings, but they're probably filtered through the cracked lens of poetry.

 Care to explain one of the songs?

"Halfway Home" is kind of a send-off and a thank you to two people who passed away earlier this year. That's as specific as I can get.

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