Good Times for Girl Talk

Written by Scott Mervis on .

The imminent collapse of the big three auto makers, an economy in shambles and the presidency in transition didn't stop the New York Times from putting Girl Talk at the top of its homepage Thursday night.

The occasion was a review of the Pittsburgh laptop artist Gregg Gillis' Tuesday concert at Terminal 5 in NYC with a picture that looked like New Year's Eve came early.

Times critic Jon Pareles wrote of Gillis/Girl Talk's "party trick" of mashing up classic rock with raunchy hip-hop and said of the show, "His main physical challenge was getting to his laptop, reading the screen and hitting the right keys amid the crowd of dancing, shouting fans, some of whom were eager to massage him as he worked. Every so often he'd set a combination going and abandon his computer to plunge into the melee and dance; there were even enough people onstage for him to crowd surf."

Girl Talk hits the stage Saturday at Gravity in Cheswick for a sold-out show. The PG has an interview with him that you can read here.

One question not included in the published interview was what his most memorable gig was here this year.

His response:

"Lollapalooza was a really standout moment. I like playing their festival, there's such a level of excitement in the air and that show just meant a lot to me. I attended Lollapalooza in '95 in Pittsburgh and it was the first day I met Manny Theiner and that was a pivotal day in my life. I just kind of found out about a lot of new music and was turned on to a lot of things. So being part of that tradition was very exciting. At the very end of the show, a guy who works for my booking agency had bought a raft, and during the show they blew it up and gave it to me and I just road this raft into the crowd. I couldn't imagine it going any better."

So there it is. Pivotal day in Gregg Gillis' life: Meeting Manny Theiner!

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