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Buckingham NicksWhen they offered me separate phone interviews with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, I fully expected to have to dance around questions about the dynamic between them these days.

Surprisingly, they weren't touchy about it in the least.

Both of them were friendly and candid in talking about their past and how they get along now. Most of that went into the original story.

There were other comments that didn't make it in. Here are some of the outtakes:

Stevie on the new Lindsey:

"... If we are arguing he lets it go and I let it go, because we're never going to not argue. But it's like ‘You want to do this song, I don't. OK, well let's make a compromise.' We won't do either of those songs, we'll do another song that we both want to do. That's how we're looking at things now. And it's much nicer. It doesn't mean that we're not so ragged and crazy on stage because we are, but behind the scenes his attitude towards me changed. And it's great."

Stevie on longevity:

"People say, ‘How long do you think you'll be doing this?' And you say, ‘Well, I don't know,' and then you see Tina Turner and she's 68 years old, and she's out there totally rocking... And I don't have to do what Tina Trner does. I just have to sand up there and wear really beautiful clothes and play a little tambourine and sing. I don't have to dance around like she does. I have a lot of fun on stage and I'm physical, but she's really choreographed. When I was 17, I said, I'm not going to be choreographed. I don't ever want someone telling me what dance steps I should do. That's why I'm a lead singer, so no one tells me what to do, except sometimes Lindsey, and that's a discussion. "

 Stevie on her other creative life:

"Behind the singer on stage, there is that really very serious woman who is a writer. So my life, when I stop touring, whenever that I is, I flip over into writing and also art, because I draw and I paint. I look forward to the future because of that. It's like if I tour till I'm 70, great. At 70 I'll start making movies and writing screenplays and a poetry book and an art show in New York. I have all these great plans for things I'll do when this part of my life starts to wind down."

 Lindsey on classic rock bands still thriving:

"I haven't really thought about it that much. I've been spending as much time trying to reject the values that a lot of people who have been making music as long as I have tend to have. A lot of people are just going out and doing their body of work and doing it for a certain set of reasons and aren't out there trying to place any more religious connotation on the creative process and I'm not one of those people. I don't know. I don't know what to say about that."

 Lindsey on how he could make two solo records with all three kids running around his house:

"The whole thing with the family actually turned out to be a bit of a boon. Because home life has been so stable, unlike in the decades past when I would have crazy girlfriends or whatever, where everything just seemed like it was an extension of what was wrong with Fleetwood Mac. So meeting a beautiful woman and having three children at a relatively late point in my life was just a huge gift.

"I think again that fertility comes down to the logistics and putting a boundary around a period of time, because there certainly have been many instances in the last 20 years where I have had intentions to do solo work and it's gotten intervened upon by the Fleetwood Mac scene, and something has either been shelved or material has been moved over and become part of a Fleetwood Mac album.

"I just had to say ‘Don't bother me for like three or four years.' That as much as anything has been responsible for how prolific I've been able to be. I guess the challenge now, having set that bar kind of high, which is great in coming off that time period, where again you're not selling a lot of records, you're ... hopefully the right ears are hearing what you're doing and understanding it and appreciating it ... the challenge now is not letting that go under in the face of the ‘big machine.' I think the answer is to keep making solo albums, no matter what Stevie is doing."

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