Greg and I talk about the Clapton show

Written by Scott Mervis on .

clapton To: Scott Mervis

Subject: I think you phoned it in...

What planet were you on last nite?

Have a clue Roger's voice was questionable at best.

Also if you cannot appreciate good music as far as Clapton is concerned send me your paycheck....


To: Greg

You're right. I did actually phone some of that in.

Clapton ruled (circa 1970)


To: Scott Mervis

Ok, let's see you are a smart... and you cannot appreciate guitar work.

Since you have free access to these shows your judgment is clouded and the music bores you.

If you are going to downplay what the rest of us saw, enjoyed and appreciated then maybe find another form of music to review say.. Polka, Hate music or Opera.


To: Greg

My take on Clapton is that he was hugely awesome and influential with Cream and Derek & the Dominos. After that, not so much. And as a live concert soloist, not really that exciting. (see my list of Top 10 Rock Guitarists.)

As for a so-called "classic rock" show, this was far below average.

Pay to see Fleetwood Mac (Buckingham is a more thrilling live player) or the Eagles (Walsh is a blast to watch) or CSNY (Neil!) and they give you 2.5 to 3 solid hours. They play everything you want to hear. They give a show with full production (backdrops, films, etc). They talk and have a warm rapport with the crowd. They make YOU feel good for coming there.


To: Scott Mervis

Enough, I am not falling into a [bleeping] match with you.

Here's my take:

Fleetwood Mac? They are just plain awful. The vocals are like rubbing a cheese grater against my ears man.

CSNY,except for Neil not a lot of fun (I saw them twice on each tour)

Eagles, come on their live shows are full of internal hate in the members, bad chopping up of what Was once great music and WAY OVER PRICED.

I am being serious for a minute here.

Have a nice life!

And I respect your opinions...I may not agree but this is the Best Country in the world

so you and I have the right to have this little banter.

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