Savvy Students Savor Success

Written by Andrew Druckenbrod on .

The Savvy MusicianHow's that for a header? It's too bad over-the-top alliteration is frowned upon these days in journalism.

I hope you had a chance to read my article today on music entrepreneurship and the new book by David Cutler of Duquesne University: "The Savvy Musician." It is available at his Web site, but will be fully published in November

Actually, you should check out that Web site if you have an interest in this subject, it is a robust collection of resources on the subject.

I am particularly excited about this development because I think that the way we teach music students in this country is often not connected enough to the real world. Music entrepreneurship teaches students to think creatively about their own careers instead of just standing in line waiting to get hired for traditional jobs such as orchestras. We owe it to students to give them a fighting chance to get a job.

Further, I think that entrepreneurship already exists within music now, it's just that we don't talk about it or look for it. Cutler's book has many examples, but many others are out there.

I was at the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble concert the other day and ran into someone who curtained his performing career to teach and got a job as a paralegal to pay the bills. A few years later, his firm helped him open his a new studio! You can find funding and support for your career that is outside the regular paths if you open your mind to it, and more of this will help make the music scene in this country more healthy.

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