Deuce has fan in Japan

Written by Barbara Vancheri on .

After writing about the documentary "Deuce" playing during the Three Rivers Film Festival, I got this email from Japan:

"I have known Deuce for over 50 years and I can say that he has seen more sports events than most sports writers. He goes back so far that some of the high schools that he watched play don't even exist now, let alone the school districts like North Braddock Scott where he went to high school.

"Ask him who won a game back in 1965 and he could give you, not only the score, but who was the leading rusher in football or how many baskets they made in basketball. The man doesn't need a computer, he is one. WAY TO GO LARRY, YOU'RE THE MAN !!!!!!!

Dennis Evans

Nagasu-Kumamoto Pref. Japan

Turns out Evans reads the Post-Gazette online, lives in North Braddock but works in Japan. He returns home every eight weeks for a week, he said in a follow-up email.



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