Mysteries of Pittsburgh due April 17

Written by Barbara Vancheri on .

It's official: "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" will open here April 17. Still to come are the theaters (or theater, perhaps) where it will play.

 "Mysteries," based on the celebrated Michael Chabon novel, filmed here in late 2006 but was liberated from limbo when it found a distributor.

Set in 1983, "Mysteries" stars Jon Foster as Art Bechstein, spending the summer in suspension between college graduation and real life and caught in a romantic triangle with Cleveland Arning (Peter Sarsgaard) and Jane (Sienna Miller), his girlfriend and an aspiring concert violinist.

The movie's filmed Downtown, on the South Side, in Edgeworth, Mount Washington, Rankin and Fox Chapel.

The press notes devote much time to changes made by writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber. Chabon is quoted as saying: "It's not 'Harry Potter' where every word of it gets parsed over by legions of devoted, rabid fans with websites and so on. I think when the audiences see the film it will fulfill all of their memories of what the book was like."




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