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Catching up with some news:

Audiences say yes to Proposal: The opening day gross for "The Proposal" marks the best ever for a Sandra Bullock film, Variety reports. It brought in $12.3 million on Friday, compared to the $8.5 million of "Year One" and "$8.5 million of "The Hangover."

If you're a romcom or screwball comedy fan, "The Proposal" is a far better movie than "Ghosts of Girlfriends" past. And "Hangover" is vastly superior to "Year One," although it's rated R while the Jack Black-Michael Cera comedy is PG-13.

Apatow on Apatow: Judd Apatow answers questions in the July/August issue of Playboy about a range of subjects, including actors Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler and his ease of crying.

On his love for Rogen, he says: "I don't know if we should be married or if I should become his adoptive grandfather. Seth has said he thinks of me as his creepy uncle. [laughs] I like that."

On living with Sandler: "We had a good time together. It was a $900-a-month apartment. I paid $425, and he paid $475 because he had a bathroom in his bedroom. I had to use the guest bathroom. Most days we would sleep till noon, get up, eat, spend way too much time in a mall, do stand-up comedy sets at the Improv and then eat again at 1:30 in the morning."

On men crying in his movies: "I'm a big crier. Sometimes when my wife [actress Leslie Mann] and I are watching a movie we'll both start to cry at the same time, and then we'll slowly turn toward each other to acknowledge that it got both of us. That's great and funny when we're both crying, but it's not so wonderful when I'm the only one in tears."

Apatow's "Funny People" arrives in theaters July 31. It's about a famous comedian who has a near-death experience and stars Rogen, Mann, Sandler, Jonah Hill, Eric Bana and Jason Schwartzman.

Grey's Anatomy verdict: Izzie stays, George goes.

That's the word from the Los Angeles Times, quoting an ABC email from Shonda Rhimes confirming T.R. Knight won't be back on "Grey's Anatomy" next season. "He is an incredibly talented actor and a person whose strength of character is admired by all of us," she wrote.

Katherine Heigl, who next will be seen in the movie "The Ugly Truth" opposite Gerard Butler in late July, will return for a sixth season. She never stepped off that elevator, unlike George who was waiting at the top.




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