Brosnan, McGregor and ... Belushi ?

Written by Barbara Vancheri on .

I don't know what was more shocking:  James Belushi with a shaved head or James Belushi in a Roman Polanski movie.

Caught up with "The Ghost Writer" today (my colleague Bob Hoover wrote the review) and was surprised to find Belushi playing the publisher of the ghost writer portrayed by Ewan McGregor. Belushi appears near the movie's start in a scene where McGregor is being interviewed for the job of ghost-writing the memoirs of a former British prime minister robustly played by Pierce Brosnan.

Maybe it's the Lex Luthor look, which appeared to be real and not a bald cap, but Belushi would make a great comic-book villain. Brosnan wears his role like a custom-tailored shirt and McGregor once again makes a very convincing writer. In addition to Belushi, other small roles are filled by Timothy Hutton and Tom Wilkinson.


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