Brookline whine rating: Put a cork in it

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

 One of my phone messages this morning was from a man in Brookline. He sounded rankled, and you can imagine why: His neighborhood was not featured in yesterday's paper as troubled, beleaguered and facing the loss of yet something it values.

 I'd written a story about how people in Sheraden, facing closure of their post office, are protesting tomorrow at the Corliss branch on Hillsboro Street. I quoted residents there about the conditions they have to endure, the same ones you hear about from most neighborhoods -- blighted properties, lousy landlords, trash-head tenants, potholes and weeds. Sheraden has the added cache of having had nine suspicious fires in two months.

 This caller must not read "City Walkabout." If he did, he would have called me last month, outraged at my post about how much Brookline Boulevard offers its residents: a fire station, a pita factory that specializes in Midde Eastern groceries, two marvelous bakeries, a man who fixes broken shoes, complimentary doggie poop bags on sidewalk posts... I could go on but maybe Brookline has more than one whiner -- which I doubt.

The Nation has a negative streak running down through it, but to whine that your neighborhood doesn't get bad pub? Is @ a ‘burgh thing? Say it ain't so! Authentic, unpretentious, blunt and mouthy, yes, but we are not whiners. This guy must have hired Meryl Steep to help him get the accent down so he could pass.

 As it turns out, Brookline is not going to lose its post office. I know, fella, this is just more bad news.

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