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by Diana Nelson Jones/March 2

A week or so ago, Walkabout paid tribute to two snow shoveling friends on Resaca Place in the Central Northside.

On its cool site blogski (from which Walkabout lifted this picture)  the Polish Hill Civic Association pays tribute to what it calls the neighborhood's Winter Team, a group of residents who didn't need any incentives to be shovel ready:

Leslie Clague, Terry Dolughty, Myra Faliz, Tom Hendricks, Jennifer Kirk, Karen Lillis, Josiah Parkinson, Josie Ramsey, Brian Seklecki, Patrick Singleton and Joe Tushak.

blogski reports:

"Our Winter Team has been out daily since February 5, armed with shovels and sheer willpower. While other neighborhoods were immobilized with shock, these individuals put their back into it and made Polish Hill a safer neighborhood.

"If Staffski could, she would give them all medals.

Joe Tushak - Gold medal for the best kept sidewalk in Polish Hill
Patrick & Jennifer - Gold and world record holders for couples shoveling
Josiah Parkinson - Gold in the Men's 100 city step iron man competition
Karen Lillis and Tom Hendricks - Gold for mixed-team relay staircase shoveling
Josie Ramsey - Gold in Womens' cross country shoveling
Leslie Clague - Gold in consecutive sprints
Terry Dolughty - Gold for the twenty-block marathon competition
Myra Faliz - Gold in nocturnal shoveling
Brian Seklecki - Gold for most stylish shoveling

Over the course of the last three weeks, the Winter Team has been responsible for clearing a huge list of places that include:

--from the Monument on Brereton so that pedestrians wouldn't need to walk in the street;

-- snow blockage at the cross walk across from Harmar Street;

-- sidewalks on Dobson from Brereton to Harmar;

-- the sidewalk on upper Brereton above the steps to the corner of Herron;

-- half the distance between Brereton and Phelan.

The list goes on. You can see it in its entirety at

The Polish Hill People have proved their mettle, plus they are good at letting Walkabout know about the great neighborhoody things they do. Before the snow melts, Walkabout will be happy to post other tales of shoveling camaraderie and weather-related bravery and kindness from your 'hood. Send them! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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