Chopin the Great

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UPDATE 2/26/10 later that day, CAPA will be open for this concert. The Steinway Society jumped the gun on the moving of the venue. Go to CAPA to hear Chopin!!!!

UPDATE 2/26/10: CAPA has closed for the weekend due to the snow and the Hobson concert will now be held at Trombino Piano Gallerie:

 STEINWAY SOCIETY OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA Pianist Ian Hobson. Sun. 3 p.m., Trombino Piano Gallerie, 942 Penn Ave. $10-$20. 412-394-3353 or,


By Andrew Druckenbrod, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Burdened by ruinous health his entire life, Frederic Chopin often appeared like an apparition. But it is his music that is ghostlike. Two hundred years after his birth in 1810, more pianists and listeners than ever are chasing those ghosts, and loving every moment of it.

"Chopin's music came out of nowhere," says pianist Byron Janis, born in McKeesport and one of the world's authorities on the great Polish composer. "There is nothing that preceded it. He was truly unique. With Beethoven, you can hear it came out of Mozart. Not with Chopin."

Pauline Rovkah, head of the piano program at Chatham University, said Chopin's music possesses a seductive quality. "It's magical, irresistible -- it can transport listeners to another world."

"There is no doubt Chopin is more popular than ever," says Ian Hobson, who will give an all-Chopin recital this weekend presented by the Steinway Society of Western Pennsylvania.

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And here is my list, not so much of my top ten Chopin works, but a ten represenative of his entire output. Please tell me what I should have put on it. But remember, you have to take something off my list to suggest something!!!

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