Q&A submission 12/01/09: Cultivating the big guys?

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By Colin Dunlap | 12:06 a.m. Tuesday


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QUESTION: Has anyone come out and asked Coach Ron the question about Peggau, Williams, Theis and Lewison getting more, some, playing time to help Saunders catch his breath?  I think the Dukes could slow the pace for a few possessions, give Superman a break, and still not give up to much on the scoreboard.

I know none of those guys are stars right now, but even NBA superstars take a seat for X minutes every game.  Saunders needs to sit, otherwise I expect him to crash into the wall in Feb/March.  And it will help those guys if/when Saunders gets into foul trouble.  


DUNLAP: I asked him a question along those lines at practice on Monday afternoon. Ron is in the midst of a cultivation of the post guys on the bench -- and it is something that might take a little more time. Now, I know that might not make all the fans happy, but it is something he has to be careful with. To that end, think about this: Say he puts one of those aformentioned guys in there for a stretch and they are not ready, they are not prepared, fully, for the rigors of what they are going to face. Well, if that were to happen, it might set them back even further, and then where is Ron? His timeline is thrown for an even bigger loop.

I understand your concerns about Damian Saunders' legs and how he is playing a ton of minutes right now. It is a genuine concern, but something that, with Bolding's injury, is simply a reality at this point. When Bolding returns, and as the bench continues to be cultivated, look for an easing of the minutes for some guys. In saying that, though, I will also say this: Duquesne has a better chance of winning the more Damian Saunders is on the basketball floor and he is in tremendous physical shape. Barring an injury out of the normal bumps and bruises, I don't see that young man "wearing down" all that much, even if he plays 40 minutes in every game from here on out.


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