Friday with the Fan - 1/29/10

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Posted Friday, Jan. 29  -- 11:44 a.m.

Paul Giuffre attended Duquesne from 1983 through 1990. He wasn't on a 7 year plan. He went there both as an undergrad and for law school. He has been a college basketball and Dukes fan even longer. A Pittsburgh area native, Paul has followed Duquesne since 1968-69 NCAA tourney team, when his brother, also a Duquesne grad, began taking him to games. He has been a season ticket holder for longer than he'd like to admit. Each Friday -- and maybe against his better judgment -- Paul tackles five questions from the Post-Gazette's Duquesne basketball beat writer Colin Dunlap about coach Ron Everhart's squad.

Colin: Describe, in a few words, your thoughts about the Xavier game.

Paul: Ugly.

Colin: What happens now against St. Joe's?

Paul: I have never had any concern that this team would quit or give anything less than 100% - up until yesterday.    But I think Coach Everhart will get their attention and we will see a much better effort Sunday. St. Joe's is good but I  think the Dukes win.

Colin: Is it getting close to where you could mix it up enough where, possibly, Bill Clark doesn't start?

Paul: I love what Billy Clark brings to this team. He is one of my favorites so I may not be very objective, but I don't think so. Bill is in a long, long shooting slump. But I firmly believe the only way a shooter gets out of a slump is to keep shooting. I don't think sending him to the bench will help his confidence. As long as Bill keeps his head up keeps playing hard, and keeps shooting, I think you stick with him. (If Billy's mom is reading this -tell him to shoot  more 3's.)

Colin: You have seen both Xavier and Dayton now. Which team is better?

Paul: Based solely on the results of the Dukes' games against each, it would be real easy to say X. But I think the   difference in the results were effort -it just wasn't there last night- and the way the teams match-up. The Dukes just  match up better with Dayton than Xavier. Dayton seems more athletic. Most of its guys can run and jump and play a couple spots. X is a little more 'traditional'.  It has bigs, a point guard, shooters- guys who do certain things very well. I'm old and old-fashioned so I like that. And X looks like a much better shooting team. But in today's game, I think the edge  goes to the athletes, so I'll go with Dayton being the better overall team.

Colin: I am putting you on the spot -- what is the record going to be the rest of the way out?

Paul: I'm looking for 6-4, hopefully 7-3. This would mean winning all 5 remaining home games, which is doable. And coming up with 1 or 2 road wins, from among GW, Bona and St. Louis.

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